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Bo La Lot

Grilled Beef Wrapped in Fresh Betel Leaves

Phat Thai Seafood
Pho Suon Bo

Pho Ribs

Bo Nuong

Grilled Beef Short Ribs

Bun Tom Nuong

Shrimp Skwers Vermicelli Noodle

Bánh Canh

Vietnamese Udon Noodle with Crab

Bánh Xèo

Vietnamese Pancake

Bánh Mì

Vietnamese Sandwich

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See what Customers are Saying
When the title says the BEST, I definitely agree with it.

We became a regular to the restaurant. We would stop by once a week before work just to have lunch. I always tell myself to try something else when we visit, but I keep going for their pho. We also tried their beef wrap, surprised it was also good.

The food....AMAZING!!!!

The people employees ...AMAZING! The taste of the food...AMAZING!!! They seriously live up to there name, this place is The Best! The service was a 10/10. Our food was 20/10. My friends and I had a variety of things and it was ALL so good, from the flavor, the texture, the look. I will definitely be back! The Vietnamese coffee was also good and strong! If you're tired, it'll definitely wake you up.

The food was excellent and the prices were exemplary.

I had the red curry with chicken, my girlfriend had pho, and we started it with grilled pork spring rolls which I can't recommend enough. From presentation to flavor, they do an excellent job. WIt's definitely heavier on the Vietnamese side than the Thai, but they do have most Thai favorites on the menu. We will definitely be returning in the future, and we can't wait to try everything on the menu.

You want good PHO at a fairly large place in Renton? This is a great spot.

We felt comfortable going to this place during pandemic because they have lots of seating options and the place is huge and we've been going ever since. The food is cheap, the phone is very tasty, the curry and rice is okay, and their other dishes are also very tasty.